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Belkin Wireless Gateway

belkin wireless gateway

    wireless gateway
  • A wireless gateway is a computer networking device that routes packets from a wireless LAN to another network, typically a wired WAN. Wireless gateways combine the functions of a wireless access point, a router, and often provide firewall functions as well; thus they are converged devices.

  • An access point (AP) created specifically to allow Internet connections from wireless/mobile devices. Such APs include “hot spots” at Internet cafes. While the local connection is wireless, the gateway ultimately connects to the Internet backbone, potentially several miles away.

  • Belkin International, Inc., is a global manufacturer of computer hardware that specializes in connectivity devices, headquartered in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California.

  • Belkin (Белкин), or Belkina (feminine; Белкина), Hebrew: ????? is a common Russian and Jewish surname, which is derived from the Russian word belka meaning squirrel (in case of the Russian surname) and the Jewish given name Beylke (in case of the Jewish surname).



The Deeter Wireless Modbus Gateway communicates with the Modbus network via a RS485 port in slave mode; it coordinates the wireless sensor network and manages data acquisition from the sensors using the IEEE 802.15.4™ wireless protocol in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.

wid440-Multiple display video receiver

wid440-Multiple display video receiver

Teq AV/IT's WiD440 offers the great solution to wireless projection for your daily business meetings. With its state of the art technology, we upgrades your ordinary projector into the extraordinary displayer with amazing features.

belkin wireless gateway

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